1. Porsche SE.

    Porsche is the very symbol of elegance and luxury. Its superior craftsmanship, elegant styling, and meticulous attention to detail has made it one of the most sought-after vehicle brands in the world.


    ► The website was designed with the spirit of Porsche in mind; Efficiency. It is fast, logical, and clean. These features facilitate navigation and reduces visitor headaches.

    ► The website has a lighter colour palette that is simple yet elegant, seeking to highlight the beauty of Porsche engineering and design.

  2. Bellagio Las Vegas.

    In the very heart of Las Vegas is the exquisite glamour that is Bellagio Las Vegas. The Hotel and Casino offer unparalleled environments to experience luxury and opulence.


    ► The website was designed to capture the visitor's imagination, generating intrigue nd attracting potential patrons.

    ► The website uses a deeper colour palette to convey class and nobility. It seeks to capture the magical experience of a stay at Bellagio Las Vegas.

  3. Prada Runway.

    The bi-annual Prada Runway show is a grandiose showcase of the latest in Italian fashion trends. Every year, the latest ideas in the fashion world are showcased here.


    ► De Fuca Media provided the soundtracks used at Prada Runway for two consecutive years, and has signed on for two more years.

    ► The De Fuca Media leitmotif soundtrack for Spring 2011 can be heard here

  4. Colin Parks Collection.

    Colin Parks, the resident graphics artists for De Fuca Media, has created DVD covers for some of the most recognizable movies in the film industry.


    "Tired of the generally crappy treatment the DVD packaging of many of my favourite movies are given, this small sampling shows what - with a little thinking outside the box - can be produced. The aim here was to try and represent the movie with concept-based imagery instead of big actor heads." - Colin Parks

  5. United States Air Force.

    Behind the greatest air power of the world lies the need to design a website that showcases its prowess and reaches out to the next generation of potential recruits.


    ► The website uses modern design aesthetics to appeal to the technologically conscious and young crowd.

    ► The USAF website became an instrumental tool in the recruiting of future USAF personnels.